Alzheimer’s study shows Sildenafil (Viagra) may reduce Alzheimers and significantly improve memory, a new study finds.

A new Cleveland Clinic-led study has identified Sildenafil (Viagra), an FDA approved therapy for erectile disfunction as a promising drug candidate to help prevent and treat Alzheimer’s disease. Study shows Sildenafil (Viagra) with a 69% Reduced Incidence of Alzheimer’s.

This is according to findings through an analysis of more than 7 million patients, researchers determined that Sildenafil is associated with a reduced incidence of Alzheimers disease. This does indicate the need for follow-up clinical trial testing of the drug’s efficacy in patients with Alzheimer’s. 

sildenafil-Viagra reduces alzheimers

Could Viagra Reduce Alzheimer’s?

During research in determining which FDA approved drugs could be an effective treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, sildenafil (Viagra) has been shown to significantly improve cognition and memory in preclinical models. Using an existing drug therapy for new purposes offers a practical alternative the traditional drug discovery process. 

The researchers utilized a large database to examine the relationship between sildenafil and Alzheimer’s disease outcomes by comparing patients that were taking sildenafil to those that were not taking sildenafil

In the study, they used a large gene-mapping network, using genetic and other biologic data to determine which FDA-approved drugs could be most effective treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. They pinpointed drugs that target both amyloid and tau as having higher scores compared to drugs that target just one or the other. Sildenafil presented as the best candidate to be the most effective treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. 

Viagra May Reduce Alzheimer’s Risk, Study Finds

The Cleveland Clinic researchers found that Sildenafil a treatment  for erectile dysfunction and pulmonary hypertension is associated with a 69% reduction in developing Alzheimer’s disease. In other words, sildenafil (Viagra)users were 69% less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease than non-sildenafil users. 

sildenafil-Viagra reduces Alzheimers

Researchers also found that Sildenafil reduced the likelihood of Alzheimer’s in patients with coronary artery disease, hypertension and type 2 diabetes. 

Because of the researchers findings, they are planning a trial and phase ll randomized clinical trial to rest and confirm Sildenafil’s clinical benefits of Alzheimer’s patients.

For complete information on details of the study, contact the media relations team at the Cleveland Clinic.

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