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Independent Healthcare Sales Representative

Prescription Discount Card Distributer

This is a very rewarding career as you help others save on their prescriptions while making a financial difference in your life. You will also receive Override Commissions from Reps that work under you! 

Healthcare Affiliate Program – Highest Payout in the industry

Any of the sales representative jobs that create residual income are the best – especially by helping people save on their medication and making prescription drugs more affordable for everyone. This is a great Independent Sales Rep Opportunity!


As An Affiliate You Will Also Receive:

You will receive a Unique ID, tracking every transaction back to you. Each time a patient uses the discount card at a pharmacy with your Group ID number, you will receive a commission for each and EVERY claim. You will also receive YOUR OWN WEBSITE AND APP! One of the best sales representative jobs and income opportunity!

After the user downloads our FREE APP on their phone FROM YOUR WEBSITE you get paid for every script processed through the FREE APP!! So EVERY Rx processed through the APP with your UNIQUE Group ID is tracked back to you! AND YOU GET PAID A COMMISSION Plus overrides if you have Reps working under you! $$$$

The Sales Rep Portal not only shows the number of claims but also provides a DETAILED report of the name and location of the pharmacy where the claims occurred. Additionally, if you have Reps working under you the portal also includes their claim numbers.



*Excellent Communication Skills

*Self Motivated and comfortable working independently

You can visit medical offices and educate staff about the free prescription discount card and the savings it provides. Build and maintain relationships with healthcare professionals. 

While it is one of the most rewarding of sales representative jobs, people who have experience with pharmacies, insurance, medical device, non-profits, doctors offices, pet organizations, charities and fundraisers also do very well.

Other backgrounds that have been successful in this lucrative industry include:

Digital Marketers, Bloggers, Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives, Medical Sales Representatives, Insurance Agents, Medical Techs, Independent Sales Reps, 1099 Reps, Pet Industry and Church organizations.

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Affiliate Program is FREE to Join!

Since 2005 we have been the nation’s leader in prescription discount drug cards. With millions of uninsured Americans paying full price on their medication costs, there is a huge demand for our prescription drug card program. 

Join our Affiliate program and start building a monthly commission today! You also receive Override Commissions from Representative’s that work under you! 

How Does the Program Work?

Commissions and Bonus Levels 

Level 1:  1- 500 claims = $2.00

Level 2:   501-1500 claims = $2.25

Level 3:   1501+ claims = $2.50

Plus You Receive a .50cent Override Commission on every Sales Agent’s claim that is working under you!

This is an amazing marketing opportunity that costs virtually nothing! 

FREE To Sign Up Today!

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